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    Über die Arbeit/ Zur Person

    Bareface Autistic Art
    Name: Bareface / Gee Vero
    born in East Germany in 1971
    lived in London from 1991 until 2004
    now based near Leipzig in Germany

    I have been drawing since 1988, mostly black ink or paint on paper or canvas
    I have been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrom as an adult. Through my art I try and show my view of the world. My art is my language.
    shows: 29th May - 20th June 2010
    akku-art exhibition at the
    documenta-hall in Kassel, Germany
    this art exhibition of autistic artists is the first of its kind

    4th Prize @ Alice Hoffmann Foundation for Autism
    International Prize Competition and Exhibition 15th July - 7th August 2010
    Venue: The Original Gallery
    Hornsey Library
    Haringey Park
    Crouch End
    London, England

    newest project: The Art of Inclusion - an art project to raise autism awareness
    in aid of Autismusambulanz Leipzig
    date: 2.4.2011
    venue: to be announced

    view art work @ saatchionline.com - Gee Vero


Texte & Bild © Bareface

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