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    Light | Opening. Democratising public space through illuminative art

    UNAFFORDABLE Exhibit, Budapest

    24 perc - 24 Minuten: Berlin - Budapest

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    In December 2008 I finished my studies of art history, cultural studies and business studies at the Humboldt-University in Berlin. I received a DAAD-scholarship to work at the Ludwig Museum Budapest, so I moved to Hungary.

    After the scholarship I worked as a freelancer in Berlin and Budapest; writing critics and texts about artists and exhibits, organizing and curating fine art exhibitions...

    Since August 2010 I am working as a Robert Bosch Cultural Manager at the Lenau House in Pécs, organizing different cultural events and expanding the cultural network of this institution.

    In my projects I like to deal with issues of intercultural relations and the impact of exchange of artworks and artists across borders in the widest sense. Also I am interested in the cultural impact of Web 2.0 and related topics.

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