Künstler Carolin Nischwitz / Essen

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Künstler/ Carolin Nischwitz / Essen



    Carolin Nischwitz
    Paulinenstraße 52
    45130 Essen

    Internetadresse  www.caronisch.com


    Über die Arbeit/ Zur Person

    Carolin Nischwitz is an artist from Essen, Germany who, pursuing her love of recycling, creates
    works of art using old 3.5-inch floppy disks. Made like large puzzles, her particular works, in
    addition to being a tribute to the act of recycling, exploit the first data carrier in the world to remind
    a whole generation how it started. Furthermore, the attraction of the works is that they have two
    sides: one story is told in daylight, the other when the black light UV light is turned on, revealing
    an ever-changing and surprising image from time to time.


Texte & Bild © Carolin Nischwitz

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