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    Dikla Stern
    Postfach 440507
    12005 Berlin

    Ansprechpartner: Frau Dikla Stern
    [Art / Graphic]
    Email:     [email protected]

    Internetadresse  www.diklastern.com


    Über die Arbeit/ Zur Person

    Dikla Stern's works show us the perception of the environment as a complex process that unites intuitive, emotional and intellectual aspects. They make us think about how we perceive the outside world, how the atmosphere, how we observe and conclude. It always leads back to self-reflection. Our interpretations also shape our view of the world. A recurrent process, repeating itself over and over again, never ending, continuously being reopened.


    As a critical contemporary, Dikla Stern works up current topics and issues and reflects the influence of media, politics and history on the individual. Her vivid and attentive esprit and her German-Jewish background draw her awareness to social phenomena in particular. As a loner, not belonging to any group, and as a free spirit anchored in arts, she takes an individual path, which is permanently being reinvented. In the course of this, she applies her very own stylistic devices, which can change with time. Her perceptive, clear vision and her ability to address the spectator directly are two essential forces of her artistic work.

    If the perception of her paintings works immediately, then it is most probably intuitive. Evolution made us capable of capturing situations very quickly and makes us eventually to who we are. The artist's intention is to observe, perceive moments, filter and reflect information and she takes us with her on her journey.

    Dikla Stern, born in Tel Aviv in 1972, immigrated to Germany as a young child. She was influenced by cultural, linguistic and religious differences. This exposure to various cultural surroundings at a very young age, triggered her to try out experimental photography.

    During highschool and after graduation, she gained experiences in theatre, film and TV productions as well as in advertising agencies in Germany, Poland and Israel. She acted at the opera house of the National Theater of Mannheim in productions like "Tannhäuser", "Rigoletto", "The Bartered Bride". She also worked as an interpreter for directors like Achim Freyer, in theater productions like "The Eternal Road" at the University of Tel Aviv or for Ari Folman's production "Made in Israel" with Jürgen Holtz. Furthermore, at various workshops in Poland Stern got to know the puppet animation film maker Tadeusz Wilkosz and others. Later, she also worked as graphic designer with Steffen Herbold as Creative Director.

    From 1999 to 2002 she studied graphic & art at the Avni-Institute of Fine Art & Design in Tel-Aviv, with established Israeli Artists and graphic designers like Michal Kastiel, Sharon Rahav and Reuven Rishrey. In 2003 she returned to Germany and in 2005 she began to study Communication Design with special focus on theory of media and philosophy at the University of Mannheim for Engineering & Design, in Mannheim, Germany. In 2007, she graduated with the Master's degree (M.A.) under Prof. Dr. Thomas Friedrich.

    The master thesis published in 2008, is based on Michael Foucaults "Supervising and Punishment - the Birth of the Jail". It deals with the reflection of subjective perceptions on existing political and social conditions. The focus is on safety products and safety precautions, on the subjective feelings of anxiety and the conscious exploitation of this feeling by the economic system in order to maximize profit.

    Dikla Stern is a self-employed artist and designer. Since 2011, she has lived and worked in Berlin. Her paintings are in the possession of collectors, private persons, companies and galleries in Germany, Israel, Luxembourg, Switzerland, France and the U.S. She had exhibitions at biennales, galleries, fairs, artist run galleries, public spaces nationally and internationally, in Mannheim, Leipzig, Berlin, Stockholm, Brussels, Florence and New York.

    Her works can be seen in movie productions, most recently during the shooting of "Fucking Berlin", based on the identically named novel by Sonia Rossi.

    Julia Walter M.A./ Art historian


    "Überwachen und Strafen, das Geschäft mit der Angst - Von der Marter bis zur biopolitischen Gesellschaft" (Controlling and Punishing - Doing business with anxious - from the dreadful fear to the biopolitcal society)/ 2008, VDM-Verlag, Saarbrücken, Germany, ISBN 978-3-8364-7820-5

Texte & Bild © Dikla Stern

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