Künstler Shintaro Yamakawa / Berlin

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Künstler/ Shintaro Yamakawa / Berlin


    Über die Arbeit/ Zur Person

    I am Japanese artist living in Berlin for 3 months. Before I moved here was in London for 4 years, studying, working and making art.
    I am playing with lines to explore ways of expressing frustrations, tension, and straggle in personal and social setting. Actions are therapeutic, visionary, and theatrical, and ultimately, trying to create a dream world where there is no protest and no people deluded by ressentiment. I work with mainly drawing and painting, but also in sculpture and installation (like use of a jackhammer), depending on ideas that I want express. Right now, I am thinking about ways to simulate earthquake like experience in a gallery setting.


Texte & Bild © Shintaro Yamakawa

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