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    Über die Arbeit/ Zur Person

    I am a sculptor.

    My theme is the inner conflict of the human being.
    He destroyes himself and the world.
    He splits himself in two, his relationships, his family, his societies and his country.
    My figures are made ​​of bronze, stone or painted plastic.
    Their bodies are covered with many skins and layers
    and broken up again,
    or injured by deep furrows and cracks.
    My formal language serves to express a mysterious change that happens to my characters or that has been inflicted upon them.

    Are they beings of the past, the present or the future?
    Are they strangers or acquaintances?
    Are they individuals or groups?
    Are they wire or ignorant?
    Are they victims or perpetrators?
    Are they emotionally touching or repulsive?


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